Milan to Market: Milan Farms Founder and CEO Milan Kordestani

Milan Farm’s Founder and CEO Milan Kordestani is an American born entrepreneur who spent his early years in both the UK and the United States. Milan involved himself with riding horses at a very young age which progressed into an adult passion he still participates in today. At the young age of ten, Milan taught himself that when bad things happen, it’s best to pick yourself up and continue on with what you were doing and just do it better.

At 10 years of age, he was thrown from a horse and he decided then that it was a much better outcome to get back up and finish the ride on the same animal that had just thrown him down than to let the setback keep him off the animals he loved so much. His determination and calculating process earned Milan a steady hand with all things he endeavors in. From Horses to online journalism, and now Milan Farms, his passions have expanded and his greatest success has yet to be achieved.

Working as a reporter for the Huffington Post, Milan dives into topics he cares most about. You can search for, and find, his writings on farming, agricultural workers, and poultry which are the top three things Milan sees as his responsibility to involve himself with. It’s not just enough to think and say solutions, but it is a necessity to become involved and do solutions and that is exactly what this young business man is doing. He form, Milan Farms, focuses on poultry, eggs, and Saffron he sources from farms he personally approves of. He is aware that even when your labels say the food you eat is safe and sound, Milan wants people to know that local foods are best for both the consumer and the farmer.

Building on that framework, Milan Farms has grown to three separate outlets where consumers who are interested in high quality, fresh, and local foods can come and get some of what they are looking for directly from the farm and the farmer, even if today’s farmer is a young, well trained, entrepreneur like Milan Kordestani.

In the end, Milan Farms continues to grow and it will offer high quality products from which its Founder chooses to focus its attention to while delivering on a promise that it is possible to get fresh, local, and quality all from the same place and from a business that is led by a determined CEO who proves that progress can and will involve the farmer no matter how far technology takes us away from the farm.

Milan Farms has been a registered trademark since 2016. The farm distributes eggs, poultry and Saffron locally, regionally and globally to eager consumers who see the benefits of highly specialized farming and distribution. The future is bright for this upstart company with a determined and focused CEO like Milan Kordestani at the helm.