NGP Van Has Some Tips for the Perfect Campaign Email

The breakthrough success of the Obama campaign, which led all the way to the White House, was built on the lessons of earlier campaigns that harnessed the power of email. Today, maintaining an email list is just another necessary task. However, with potential supporters constantly bombarded with emails competing for their attention, composing the perfect email is no small feat. NGP Van is a premier technology company serving progressive campaigns, and their experts have some tips for making your mail-outs more effective.

According to NGP Van, one of the most important things to keep in mind when writing up your email is focus. Candidates comment on so many issues that it is tempting to carry that dynamic over to your draft. But your email should be focused on a single idea and issue. The next step is to outline how the reader’s support, financial or otherwise, will help to produce positive change, a goal which should be realistic, something potential supporters can easily envision.

Another piece of advice from NGP Van is to test consistently and correctly. Some campaigns cut corners and test for multiple variables, but this costs you more time, money, and votes in the long run. Managers think about email and social media as an afterthought, but recent history shows the error in line of thinking.

Finally, don’t be afraid to write from the heart. As the old addage goes, all politics is local. People are concerned about how policy will affect their lives and their community, so it makes no sense to hide behind abstractions. Stay faithful to your message so that the authenticity of your email rings true in the mind of your reader.

NGP Van was founded in 2001 as Voter Activation Network. Based in Washington, DC, the company has an additional location in Somerville, MA.