Robert Deignan; An Epitome of Successful Entrepreneurship

Robert Deignan, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services was born in Florida, Fort Lauderdale and went to Purdue University under a football scholarship. After his graduation with an Organizational Leadership degree, he co-founded his first venture Franlink, Inc., in 1998 after spending some time with the Miami Dolphins in 1997. Robert, being good in sports, still takes part in offshore fishing competition tournaments and he currently lives with his family in Miami.

Robert came up with the ATS idea after working at an Anti-Malware Software Company that had challenges with software installation. Alongside his other colleagues, they decided to try a different software strategy that gave one up to15 free use days. In 2009, they introduced download page contact for customer inquiries due to the technical problems they were experiencing with the anti-malware product installation. As a result of these communications with users, they came to learn of discrepancies caused by malware products which were blocking this software. They decided to introduce technical methods by introducing in-house agents to remote users to remove the Malware. This method was a success and a fee was charged for this remote service since all computers were now effectively functioning. This was a two-way benefit because consumers enjoyed quality services and the team making gains from that.

The core productive habit he has as an entrepreneur is number analysis. Deignan views time as a valuable resource and its spending should be maximized based on the available revenue opportunities. Employing of family and friends is a risky habit and is highly disregarded by Robert because when business becomes tough, hard decisions can be made which include cutting paychecks and laying off extra personnel. Sometimes, he goes ahead to take the risk and ignore the linked feelings, and in as much as the outcome may fail to show immediately, they are eventually manifested.

His advice to entrepreneurs is that they should always analyze their ideas by putting them in a spreadsheet because numbers don’t lie and time is limited, these analyses can aid them in weighing options of pursuing a decision or not. Robert’s favorite quote is “don’t quit” and he has a desire for more money that comes as a result of working hard.

Peter Briger On The Frontline Of Fortress Investment Group’s Investment Strategies

Peter Briger is a financialist who has certainly left his mark in the world of finance and has been named on Forbes top 400 most influential businessmen. Today he works at Fortress Investment Group as the Co-Chairman and President of the Board of Directors. Briger is a talented finance professional and has held a number of executive positions at reputable firms including Goldman Sachs. Peter Briger Informally known as Pete to his peers, Briger has steered Fortress Investment Group to achieve historic milestones and continues to do so as the head of real estate and credit fund business. His expertise is distressed and illiquid investments and his skills come in handy at a time when the company is looking for ways to raise capital for corporate lending in their new era under SoftBank Group.

Sourcing Funds

Fortress is in the process of raising more than $2 billion for their first phase of lending and has promoted some of its employees to team up with Pete. The direct lending push is aimed at meeting the demand for capital because the banks are struggling with tighter regulations. Banks are the traditional and the largest lenders, but they are finding it difficult to continue with the trend because of unfavorable regulations. This has given investors an opportunity to venture into direct lending and Fortress is on course to do so.

The company has set up a fund called Drawbridge Special Opportunities and it is expected to bridge the gap. Peter Briger being the head of the credit fund business at the company is on the frontline of the new strategy and is spearheading the efforts to indulge in flagship credit opportunities funds.

According to Pete, Fortress is looking to become the alternative lender and you can trust that Briger is the right man for the job. Throughout his career; at Fortress and also his fifteen-year stint at Sachs he has demonstrated remarkable skills in credit management and handling of bad debts. It is such unique skills that drove Briger to be named partner at Goldman Sachs. Today, under his leadership, Fortress manages assets worth more than $65 billion all over the globe.

More about Peter Briger

He attended Princeton University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and also holds an MBA from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Briger is a major financier of the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF) and is a board member of Caliber Schools. He also supports a number of other charitable initiatives including Tipping Point which assists economically challenged families in San Francisco to improve their quality of living conditions.

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The 2010 decision of the US’s Supreme Court on the federal election vs. the citizens united shocked the political system of America. The long-term impacts of the decision continue to develop while the opposition of the ruling of the court remains unabated. In each generation, there are several handful court cases that change the political basis on which the nation stands. The court rulings brought a lot of controversies as well as consequences that resulted in the permanent changes to the political culture of America. Various political organizations have sought to stop the immediate political effects of the ruling of the Citizens United while attempting to look for a legal way to overturn the ruling. On March 2015, the End Citizens United was established in order to help lead the fight.

The top priority of the End Citizen United was to put an end to the ruling of the Citizen United. However, the team that established the organization has not been shy of the goals of the organization. The End Citizens United seeks to lure for grassroots funding aimed at counterbalancing the unleashed corporate cash of the Citizens United. The funding is to be aimed at the Democratic candidates who support the attempts to scrap the implications of the decision of the Supreme Court.

Another aim of the End Citizen United is to have a constitutional amendment that clearly outlines that the rights of free speech are conferred upon the individual citizens and not legal entities such as corporations. The basic belief is that the operations of the business should not be permitted to act without any prior regulation in respect to the spending of the campaigns of the democratic elections. Bearing in mind that the constitutional amendment requires at least two-thirds majority of both houses, the organization is concentrating on the short-term finance laws of the campaign.

The End Citizens United stresses on a two-step process that involves supporting candidates that are deemed to support the move to improve the finance laws on the campaign and performing various efforts to overturn the ruling of the Citizens United. Currently, the Republican Party leadership does not support the attempts however some sections of the individual republicans support the move. As a result, the End Citizens United is putting all its efforts in supporting the democratic candidates. On the other hand, the leadership team of the organization is composed of experienced and savvy individuals that have worked in various capacities in the democratic party.

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Clay Hutson Becomes Part of Soul2Soul Tour

Clay Hutson, a known music expert, and tour rigger has decided to become part of the event called Soul2Soul. Soul2Soul is the world tour by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, which is the 2nd leg of the duo’s international concerts. Both McGraw and Hill have come back together since their tour in 2007.


The first portion of the tour had 70 concerts, all of which are sold out from April of last year until December. The duo decided that they would be back for a 2nd part, due to high demand. Clay Hutson will be joining the concert as a part of the live production team.


The 2nd leg of Soul2Soul will be starting on May 31, at Richmond, Virginia. The first artists that will be featured in the tour are Caitlyn Smith, the opening act, as well as other outstanding performance such as Devin Dawson, brothers Osborne, Seth Ennis, Midland, Margo Price, NEEDTOBREATHE and many others.


According to Clay Hutson, both Tim McGraw and Faith Hill did a spectacular world tour in the first leg of Soul2Soul. It was his honor to be a part of the live production team.



More about Clay Hutson


Clay Hutson is a well-respected figure in the music industry and live performances. He has collaborated with many artists such as Guns n’ Roses, Kelly Clarkson, and Kid Rock. For over two decades, he has guided musicians on their live performances, concerts, and has become a leading personality in stage management, sound production, engineering, and tour management.


Mr. Hutson started working as a sound engineer on his early days. He was a member of Billy Graham’s music team. Later, he wanted to pursue his love for rock n’ roll and decided to wet his feet in the world of music industry. Clay Hutson traveled in many countries in Europe, North America, as well as in Australia. He has helped many artists in improving their concerts and other live performances. As a result, most of his help in live productions have given artists sold out tours and events. Clay Hutson has a reputation for being the most hardworking person in the live production industry. He believes in constantly improving himself, and he puts a lot of work in improving artist’s stage shows. This is how he built his reputation–by continually focusing on quality and delivering more than what he is expected. As he gives his best in what he does, people continually praise his work despite being behind the scenes. Learn more:

Making Sense Of Entrepreneurship With Paul Herdsman

The United States is widely known as one of the world’s most fertile grounds to sow the proverbial seeds of entrepreneurship and commercial endeavors in. North America’s the United States of America has consistently maintained more economic activity year after year ad nauseam than any other country around the globe. With the world’s greatest economy right here, entrepreneurs like Paul Herdsman generally haven’t encountered too many hurdles of any significant shape, size, or clear-ability.

However, just because the United States’ economy is the healthiest around the globe, entrepreneurs simply can’t incorporate a business, lean back in their office chairs, kick their feet up, and wait for the money to roll in. Rather, the most successful businesses feature entrepreneurs above their corporate ladders who consistently put their reputation, satisfaction, and happiness on the line in hopes of boosting their success in commerce.

Here are a few traits successful entrepreneurs almost always can be defined by. While not every one of these characteristics adheres to all entrepreneurs, business greats like Paul Herdsman agree that possessing just one of them is significantly likely to increase one’s chances of doing well in business.

Paul Herdsman is the Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global. The company focus on employee satisfaction, skills, and professional growth. Paul Herdsman is also a co-founder of Inbound Call Experts LLC that has headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. His primary areas of interest are entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.


Don’t Spread One’s time To Thin

This fact of life goes without saying, though the lives of everybody on planet Earth are objectively short. Even though seeing the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel as it relates to people’s efforts in the workplace and reaping what they sow might seem lightyears away, saying “no” and keeping one’s free time to one’s own business endeavors is a powerful tool, says Paul Herdsman.

Too many people fail to regularly turn others down. As such, unless they don’t have more time to allocate towards their own jobs.


Get To Know Customers

In some cases, businesses are so successful or trendy that they have too many customers to personally learn things about. Entrepreneurs in these situations should try their hardest to seek out and invest in programs and software – among other tools – that can accumulate the identities of their many customers.


Read more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman


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PSI Pay on Different Markets and Keeping Up With Market Trends

PSI-Pay on Different Markets and Keeping Up With Market Trends

Anyone who has done transactions online, the chances are that they have used a digital wallet. Digital wallets are online platforms that are used electronically to perform online transactions. Important to note is how the digital wallets are linkable to the bank account. One such Digital wallet is PSI Pay. The UK based digital wallet that deals with over 40 currencies in slightly over 170 countries. PSI-Pay is FCA regulated hence trustable.

Having operated in the various countries, PSI-Pay has identified the various variations in the states. The differences stem from different customer practices in multiple countries. The article will explain the differences between the European wallet and the American wallet.

The European wallet is made up by a continuously growing customer base. Most of the customers are using PSI Pay to convert their cryptocurrencies to currencies that are readily usable in the small to middle scale transactions. The European Wallet also uses several deposit methods, and the wallets are linkable to there bank accounts. Efficiently enabling the customer to use the ATMs and debit cards in the withdrawal.

Closely related to the banks as they may be Digital wallets are not banks. Regulators of the digital wallets like the FCA for PSI Pay regulate the portfolios in a manner that only banks offer some services. Some of this services are loans and allowing overdraft transactions.

The American Wallet does not hold money as does the European wallet. The wallet will be linked to the debit cards. The regulation in this style is in a way that the merchants do not have access to customer sensitive information. Noteworthy, the American markets have been using digital wallets for over ten years now. Although there may be a gap in American use of contactless card readers, there is a projection that the deficit will be bridged in a year or two.

The digital wallet market is always on advancement. The most recent innovation in this aspect is the wearable devices. The innovation deals with the carrying of the cards for enabling the digital transaction to happen. Cards are replaced by either jewellery or clothing to facilitate even more convenient operations. PSI-Pay has partnered with Kerv Wearables– a company that sells ceramic rings- in this milestone. The rings that are sold by the two companies will be used to ensure that the complexity of digital wallet transactions is toned down. It will eliminate the need for pins, carrying smartphones and any inconvenience that arises from the current system. Its sure PSI Pay is focused on keeping up with market trends.

Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Over the years, Sean Penn has made a name for himself through the many roles that he serves in the entertainment industry. Sean Penn has served as an actor, a writer, a producer, and a director during the course of his career. In exchange for his dedicated work, he has received several Best Actor Academy Awards. Sean Penn is especially famous for interviewing numerous high-profile government officials, drug lords, and survivors of catastrophic events. Corey Seymour of Vogue Magazine called Sean Penn in order to get his views on the criticisms of his new book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.

Sean Penn on the Novel

The idea of creating a book, rather than a screenplay, is different in itself to Sean comments on the Trump era. Sean attributes the difference due to the collaborative efforts that go into making a screenplay, whereas the ideas in a novel are all his own. This independence is what Sean believes allowed him to create the product that he did in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff; he believed that he was approaching the end of his fuse when it came to working with others and that he could not work as well with others as he did in the past. For now, writing is an activity that is more enjoyable to him and allows for him to utilize his creativity.


As opposed to his earlier screenplays, where he created the scripts using a typewriter, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was created using a method that was unusual for Sean. He created Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff by using dictation. The process, which was caused by the aging of his typewriter, was done with the help of Sean’s assistant. Dictation allowed for Sean to transfer his ideas to paper faster than using a typewriter.

The subject of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff may be perceived differently among different readers. Sean didn’t create the book to be an opinion piece, but rather to support social equality. The book addresses various modern movements, such as the #MeToo Movement, in order to promote social equality. Rather than allowing people to be divisive, Sean explains that the book promotes inclusion.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff may not be the final book that Sean Penn is writing-. Though he did not fully confirm a new project in his interview with Corey Seymour, Sean stated that he is currently working on a new novel. He confirmed, however, that he is not working on any new works involving acting but that he is somewhat interested in directing a movie that is currently being created.

The One Stock For Kids To Buy As Published By Stansberry Research

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland and with more locations throughout the United States, Stansberry Research is a publishing company with a specialty based on market investments. The company was founded in 1999 by Porter Stansberry, an expert investment advisor and publisher. Since the company has launched, the website and online newsletters it produced help investors investing in mining, oil, power, natural resources, healthcare and biotechnology.

The bi-monthly newsletter that the company puts out features articles and research by Porter along with more financial editors that the company has hired over time. Each of the contributing editors is a subject matter expert in particular areas of the investment world. On top of the investment newsletter that gets put out, investors can also subscribe to one of a line of options that the company calls “Investment Portfolio Solutions.” These solutions offer customized investment advice and resources in a wide range of options to consumers under the mantra that the company and journalist are not advisors or brokers, but rather financial journalists (

One neat feature that subscribers to the solutions receive is access to their journal archives that cover the wide variety of topics from the company. One such recent Stansberry newsletter in the archives features an article from Porter about the only stocks he will teach his kids to buy. In the article, he outlines how two of the richest investors in American history made their money by investing in property and casualty insurance companies. The article goes into detail how the insurance industry is and has been regulated to where most major companies end up paying out more in claims than they’ve brought in through premiums. But, there are and have been unregulated parts of the insurance sector where investors have made a large chunk of their money.

The article ends by highlighting that even though more and more regulations have hammered the insurance industry in recent years, making it hard for insurance companies to greatly profit, Stansberry Research and their team of insurance stock experts have been able to pick winning stocks to invest in with very little risk.

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Financial Expert Chris Linkas Talks About The Burden Of Student Loans

When it comes to handling their financial lives most college students leave school woefully unprepared, financial expert Chris Linkas has stated. People get out of school, get their first “real” job, and have zero idea how to handle their personal finances. Teaching people about this area would ideally happen in schools and the homes of parents but unfortunately that is almost never the case.


Establishing of Career

Chris Linkas took an active interest in financial matters early on. His first job was at RER Financial Group, LLC, where he was at first a financial analyst and eventually was named as the vice president of this company. In this position Chris Linkas managed over $4 billion of book balance. This led to him getting a great opportunity to become a vice president at Goldman Sachs a year and a half later.

The biggest thing facing most students is their student loan balance, he says. People take on big student loans to finance their education, loans often so big it doesn’t matter what they do for a living because what they earn will never justify how big their student loan is. Chris Linkas says that people really should opt for a good public university over any private, and very expensive, university.


Dedicated Head

Since 2012, he has been the European head of credit for a multinational financial firm based in the UK. Chris Linkas explores for good investment opportunities both in the United Kingdom as well as in European countries like Spain, Germany, France, and Switzerland among others. He says one thing he recommends to other entrepreneurs is to find something they are passionate about outside of their professional careers. He says he plays soccer himself because he really enjoys it and it clears his head. It also helps him stay fit and, also importantly, has absolutely nothing to do with investing.

Another thing Chris Linkas recommends to those in the younger generations is to start as early as possible investing according to their risk tolerance ( A dollar invested when you are younger than 25 can be worth $11 when a person is ready to retire at age 65, due to the value of compounding interest.

Upwork Tips on Making your To-Do List More Effective

Upwork is a famous freelance platform that connects freelancers from different parts of the world with various jobs depending on their skills and expertise. It is one of the best ways for freelancers to find genuine work and for the companies to find freelancers with the needed skills for their work. While there are many advantages to working as a freelancer for Upwork, many beginners might find it difficult to manage their time especially if they receive a large number of jobs at any time. To help manage their tasks, it is essential for freelancers to have a to-do list. But, just creating a to-do list without planning will not be useful if they do not use it properly.

To tackle the tasks from the to-do list, freelancers should ensure that they have it ready the night before even if it means that they are awake for a few more minutes. It will help them start working on their tasks early in the morning when they are at their best. Having the list ready at night also allows freelancers to stop worrying about the tasks when sleeping and know exactly what needs to be accomplished the next day. Also, mention all the tasks that need to be done on a single to-do list rather than creating multiple lists. Since you freelancers will have limited time with them the next day, it is a good idea to prioritize their work depending on their importance. It will ensure that you do not waste your time working on things that are not immediately required.

Many times people feel overwhelmed with the number of tasks that they have in front of them. But, by breaking down the tasks into smaller ones and delegating some tasks to others, accomplishing it is not very difficult. Freelancers need to make sure that they accomplish the most significant task for the day well before lunch or as early in the morning as it is the time when they are the most productive. Remember that organizing your tasks and planning ahead is an investment for freelancers and should not be taken lightly.