O2Pur expanding its share of the E-cig market.

The E-cig market is becoming increasingly more popular as people are embracing the technology. For those who are masters in using E-cigs they continue to experience good time but for the newbies it can be a very daunting task. A nice vaping session with friends and family is what everyone is after and this begins by understanding all that pertains to E-cigs.

First on the list is that E-cigs saves you the money. A nice vaping session is one where one uses less cash but still get an awesome experience. Price of this E-cigs is everything and more companies are coming up with their own E-cig products that catch the attention of the customers. O2Pur is one such company that produces E-cigs that are budget friendly for the customer and ones which offer the best vaping experience. The reasonable pricing for most E-cigs in the market makes many people to continue embracing vaping as a new hobby.

E-cig Starter kit is also a very crucial aspect that vaping enthusiasts will be eager to try out. These starter kits help customers to have in their possession all the necessary vaping gear that will aide them in the vaping process. So before you get one ensure that you go to the E-cig stores that are reputable. O2Pur has come to be known as one of the best E-cig companies that offer affordable and high quality starter kits for all their customers.

For those new in Vaping, one has to consider several factors such as the price of the e-cigs, charge time, length of the battery, starter kit and user reviews. E-cigs are electronic gadgets and this means that they will be charged at some point since they come with rechargeable batteries. It is also good to ensure that you look through the user reviews just to get a glimpse of what other customers are saying as this will help you make sound decisions. The company has a user review section where there clients post reviews on the O2Pur products they have so far used.

Financial advisor David Giertz gives tips on retirement

Retirement is a stage in life that surely you’ll eventually encounter and it’s vital to know your options. Experienced financial advisor David Giertz shares some valuable tips you must know about.

How much should you save?

It is very common for people to miscalculate their spending habits and expect to have enough money when retired. Sadly, many find themselves having to return to work after spending all their savings in only a few years. By the time you retire, he advises you to have saved, at least 15 years worth of salary. This means that if you plan to retire by the age of 65, you better have already saved five years worth of salary by the age of 55. People looking to retire much sooner might have to add more years to that figure.

Required Minimum Distribution and the IRS

Even when you have retired, David adds that you will still have to deal with the IRS and they will have command over part of your retirement savings. The IRS mandated Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) puts you in a situation where you must withdraw a certain amount of money before you hit 72 ½ years of age. Failing to follow this rule can have you penalized so severely that you can end up paying up to 50% on tax. Keep in mind that your retirement plan will most likely be taxable.

Other factors to consider

Although its fees are higher, a wise choice is to consider a structured income using annuity. The most recommended is one in which you receive a fixed amount of money monthly but is guaranteed to keep you from blowing it all. At an older age, health problems are also very common and can be very expensive. Keep that in mind when saving.

About David

David Giertz currently holds a BS from Millikin University and an MBA from the University of Miami. He has over 30 years of experience working in industries related to financial services. In one case during his term of leadership, a company was able to grow its revenue by almost 600%.

End Citizens United Getting The Support Of People To End The Dominance Of Corporate Money In Politics

The role of the elections in the country is to find a leader who would serve the nation in all its honesty and ensure that the interest of the country and its people is his or her priority. However, the political elections these days in the United States seems more like private affair where instead of political candidates, the corporations and wealthy individuals are fighting for dominance.

Different corporations and affluent individuals spend millions of dollars to ensure that the political candidate of their choice wins the elections so that they can favor them once elected. The political ideology has been crushed due to agendas of the corporations and the use of an extravagant amount of money in the past few years. The interest of the public has suffered and continues to suffer at the hand of the corporations who are manipulating the outcome of the elections by unethically using their wealth.

End Citizens United is a PAC, abbreviation for Political Action Committee, which aims to constitutionally overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling of 2010 in the lawsuit between FEC and Citizens United. If the decision can be reversed, the companies, as well as individuals, would not be able to fund the elections without any accountability. If the campaign finance reforms are implemented as per the End Citizens United, the polls will become full proof of any outside influence or manipulation.

Many corporations always spend millions during the elections to ensure that the government that comes into the power does as it says. However, when the money power of corporations does not oblige the  political candidates, the government doesn’t have to think about the interest of the corporations and can focus on the interest of the people.

Every year the amount of money that the End Citizens United is gathering from the public donations has been increasing. It is giving the End Citizens United the strength to reach out to more people across the country as well as endorse more political candidates in their election campaign to run for Congress.

As more and more political candidates come forward to reject the corporate money, the strength of the End Citizens United is increasing to influence the Congress. Some of the prominent political candidates that the End Citizens United has decided to endorse in 2018 are Kathy Manning, Josh Butner, Max Rose, Sylvia Garcia, Gary Trauner, Tom Malinowski, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, and more.

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Contribution of Jason Hope on Matter of Aging

Jason Hope efforts in the field of research to curb the matters contributing to the aging among the old age has been substantial. He has demonstrated his focus on the mission by channeling $ 500,000 which was aimed at boosting the efforts of the SENS Research Foundation. The organization had put its concentration on the research on issues related to the aging. The money by Jason Hope benefited the institution in various ways.

For instance, its management built a laboratory, Cambridge SENS Laboratory which was aimed at fostering the research in the same field. The other remaining amount was used to enhance much research in the circle of aging within the organization. The matte that shoved Jason Hope to fund the amount to the institution was the dedication that had been seen in its management in handling various research. Hope lauded the avenue that SENS Research Foundation took in coming up with the solution to curb the matter related to the aging in the society. SENS Research Foundation primary agenda was to develop the cures for the degenerating cells in the body. There are many diseases mention by the organization to be part of the associates of the aging that kills the cells of the body. The main areas of concern by the disorders in the body are the mind and the lungs.

SENS Research Foundation via the assist of the Jason Hope has created a perfect platform through its program called AGE-breaker. All the necessary means has been set in place by the team of experts to enable the operation to flow along the right lane of expectation in the field of research. SENS Research Foundation has navigated its way in creating the drugs that assist in managing the cases of the aging through the assist of the Jason Hope. Through the research conducted by the organization, there are some of the factors that accelerate aging in the human body. These include the accumulation of the metabolic waste in the body that ends up degenerating the body cells. As the cells get deteriorated in the body, the vessels of the blood and the skin loses it elasticity. The reason for Jason Hope supporting the take of the institution in the research of aging is to mark a permanent factor that will create mitigation to the mess of the early aging of the human beings. Various diseases that form part of the contributing factor to the aging matter include arthritis that makes the cells of the body to degenerate.

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The Intrigue of Lime Crime

For fans of the animal cruelty-free beauty brand Lime Crime, there has been much speculation as to whether the fashion-forward cosmetic company, famous for their intensely pigmented, rich shades of color that have won accolades from clients, is coming out with a new palette of eyeshadows. Aficionados of Lime Crime love the brand’s palettes for Venus, Venus II, and Venus XL and the internet is going crazy wondering if the newest offering, which Lime Crime debuts on April 24, 2018, is another Venus palette.

Lime Crime has been dropping hints, with screenshots depicting a palette that is bathed in rays of heavenly light. For people of all sexes, the idea of a new Lime Crime product, especially one of the Venus eyeshadow palettes that allow individuals access to many different looks and contouring possibilities, has people eagerly hoping for more beautiful colors to work with to create unique and highly individualistic looks.

People who have tried the other Venus palettes love the ease of using a palette, the choice of colors, and the animal cruelty-free philosophy. They are also avidly enthusiastic about the texture of the eyeshadows, with terms like “silky” and “smooth” sung as praise, as well as Lime Crime’s commitment to crafting long-lasting cosmetics. Lime Crime knows that their customers are creatives who love to have fun with their looks, but that they are also super busy and appreciate staying power!

Be ready to explore the newest offering because while we all love a great beauty mystery, there is nothing like the satisfaction of curiosity being richly rewarded. That said, word on the street and the internet has Lime Crime lovers opining that they hope that the new product is Venus 3. The original Venus, Venus 2 and Venus XL have people who are devoted to those palettes. Fashion fans are eager to see what Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, is offering in new cosmetics to create and complete unique beauty looks. As the mystery is revealed, discover for yourself what bold and amazing Lime Crime color collection awaits your delight.

The Chainsmokers’ Bare What “Sick Boy” is All About

The Chainsmokers, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, have a new offering for their loyal fans, which they released on the music airwaves on the 17th of January 2018. Their new dance track – “Sick Boy.” The song has a unique title and a rousing tune, which makes the listener wonder what is the precise tale behind “Sick Boy”, and what does the darker impression in their catalog connote.

“Sick Boy” is considered the audio remedy for music fans who are afflicted with the Chainsmokers’ fever. The energetic dance rock hymn detonated on the band’s label of Disruptor Records. The certified success of the duo’s platinum debut album Memories… Do Not Open produced quite a big pair of shoes to fulfill that featured their two hit songs “Something Just Like This” (with Coldplay) and “Paris.” Their song “Paris” shattered the music airwaves of the radio’s Top 40 that contains an auditory wallop on a love that is forbidden. And the subsequent “Something Just Like This” ruled likewise, gaining more than 996 million views on YouTube due to its energetic music and lyric-propelled video on not being a fabled hero in order to find love.

And here comes “Sick Boy” which provides other fascinating visualizations that one’s imagination can come up with. The song’s title should not be taken literally since it goes down deeper than going for a treatment in the doctor’s office. The “Sick” word according to the song is the personality crisis caused by the pressure the society imposes on an individual’s exposure to the social media.

And Alex Pall disclosed the following during his interview with Ryan Seacrest on iHeart Radio: according to Pall, narcissism is a common occurrence that each one of us see on a daily basis, and which we must live with due to everyone’s presence on the platforms of social media. Although being on social media is not actually a bad thing, one must try to see how he or she portrays himself or herself to the outside world. Because this is how others perceive us on the platform. Currently, this is an indispensable wickedness everyone must endure when conversing with the world at large.


Elysium Health: Re-envisioning Health

When it comes to personal health, a lot of people have set themselves goals to be healthier. To achieve that, we set ourselves the goal of eating less junk food and exercising more frequently. Indeed, exercising frequently plus eating healthy are two great ways to improve your well-being, but supplements can help you even further (especially in specific areas like cellular health).

Elysium Health, a health company co-founded in 2014 by Dr. Leonard Guarente, aims to help people live healthier, longer. Guarente serves as the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT, in addition to being the chief scientist of Elysium Health. The company’s goal is to translate advancements in science and technology into clinically-validated health products that work.

The company’s flagship product is a daily supplement called Basis. This supplement is designed  to support cellular health by increasing and sustaining levels of NAD+ in your cells. NAD+ is a coenzyme that is essential to many of our cellular functions. These functions include DNA health, energy creation, circadian rhythms, and hundreds of others. As we age, our levels of NAD+ decline.

To back up the company’s claims, Elysium Health put Basis through a clinical trial in 2016. The results of the study, which were published in the online science journal npj: Aging and Mechanisms of Disease, demonstrated that Basis increases and sustains NAD+ levels in humans by an average of 40 percent.

An individual bottle of Basis costs $60; however, a one-year subscription drops that price to $40. An ongoing monthly option is also offered for $50. Elysium Health recently began to offer a new way to buy Basis as well. The supplement is now available in stores at the tech retailer b8ta. Pick up a jar of Basis while discovering other unique products at one of b8ta’s nine locations now until the end of June.

More information on Elysium Health, the company’s team of scientists, and the science behind Basis can be found on Elysium’s website.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Condemning Joe Arpaios Interest in the Senate

The United States of American will be holding another election this year, termed as a “midterm” election. Some personalities have already expressed their willingness to run for the position as a senator and a representative, but one of these declarations raised the eyebrows of Latino Americans and other migrants coming from the south.

Joe Arpaio, dubbed as America’s toughest sheriff, expressed his interest to run as a Senator. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/ and http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427427/Jim_Larkin

He declared his candidacy shortly after President Donald Trump pardoned him due to the case of contempt. Joe Arpaio stated that if ever he will be elected into the Senate, he will do everything to get rid of illegal migrants, and he would also take a tough stance on those who wanted to enter the United States without the appropriate documents.

The pardoning of Joe Arpaio garnered adverse reactions, especially from migrants’ rights movement and activists such as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They stated that the decision of President Donald Trump is one of the worst ever because he released a monster from prison.

They accused Joe Arpaio of violating the rights of the migrants, and the duo also expressed their experience under the watch of the former Maricopa County sheriff. Since holding the position as the county sheriff in 1992, Joe Arpaio has been the subject of exposes released by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin through their publication called The Phoenix New Times.

They would gather evidence about the involvement of the sheriff in several corrupted transactions, and they will be informing the public about it.

Joe Arpaio grew tired of all the accusations by the two reporters, so he dedicated himself to creating a case against the two that would bring them to the court.

In 2007, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested from their homes, and they were taken before Joe Arpaio. The former Maricopa County sheriff told them that he has been waiting for them to do something that would trigger their arrest.

He accused the two of publishing his private information online and leaking some confidential information about the decision of the jury who are looking after a particular case. The two were sent to jail, and Joe Arpaio is dedicated to having them locked up for life.

The event has reached the confines outside the prison, and many broadcasters have rallied behind Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They stated that what Joe Arpaio is doing is a clear violation of the Constitution.

Migrant groups have also condemned Joe Arpaio for abusing his power and requested for the two journalists to be released. The judge who handles the controversial case has seen that the case filed by Joe Arpaio has no basis, and no concrete evidence would indict the two accused.

In the end, they had to release Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin due to poor evidence, and the two filed a counter lawsuit for their arrest. They won the case and were awarded over $3 million. This was soon used for the creation of the Frontera Fund.

Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Digging Into the Captivating Reality of Freedom Checks

There have been circulating news on Freedom Checks and this has brought in so much alertness and concern on the same. Some are wondering if it is a form of fraud or a legitimate investment. In response to this, a team of investment analysts have analyzed the matter and the sentiments about freedom checks is out. Freedom Checks is legitimate and was enacted through the Congress in 1987 under the 26-F statute. As at now, over 568 companies meet the requirements that were laid down in that statute. Read more about Freedom Checks at banyanhill.com. These companies can operate tax free if they are in compliance with two major requirements. These includes a must generation of 90 percent of their revenues from the company productions, processing, storage, transportation and the distribution of gas & oil products in United States. Secondly, they should agree towards payment of Freedom Checks benefits to each of the shareholders every year. Matt Badiali is the identity behind the Freedom Checks. He discovered the venture when he started working with a financial expert on a project that took him through various countries. It was known as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) that entailed 568 companies in issuance of the Freedom Checks. The common thing with these companies was that they functioned in the same line of industry in producing, processing, storing, and transporting gas & oil. They primarily discover more gas and oil wells where they transport them across the continents. The companies, MLPs, are expected to pay the distributions on either monthly or quarterly basis. These are similar to the stock dividends that Matt calls Freedom Checks.

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For an investor interested in this venture, they do not even need to have a special account but rather buy shares in an MLP. The distributions are received through a brokerage account or the emails. From the analysis, many investors were already making over $10,000 up to $50,000 monthly through the freedom checks. The good deal about Freedom Checks is that you can expect a pay that is thrice or twice than other traditional investment plans for an average person. There is a considerable amount of interest from investors in this industry, and it is expected to keep thriving.

Matt Badiali is a geologist that discovered his dreams through working with a financial expert. Through the exposure, he learned much about investing and finances. He has been a CEO for several companies in the mining and oil industries. The tax-free distributions are because of return on capital approach. Read this article at Money Morning.

Kamil Idris States the Essence of Intellectual Property Rigths

Director General Kamil Idris pointed out that World Intellectual Property Day is gaining international attention at a very quick pace. After it has been established eight years previously, the number of governments and other organizations who would like to take part in WIPO’s celebration every April 26 have increased.

Many might be confused or are wondering why the yearly intellectual property has been gaining so much interest and notice. And their normal question would be – how do trademarks, industrial designs, patents or copyright fit into the larger issues like watching the Olympics (that provides entertainment) and the global warming that the world is facing at present.

And the simple reply to such questions according to Kamil Idris is – without any intellectual property rights, numerous and various modern technologies will not be available for use to benefit the public. Without intellectual property rights the things that people would like to watch on their television sets for relaxation and entertainment will not be broadcasted.

When April 26 comes, and we celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day, the celebration is not only meant for the remembrance of the excellent creativity of mankind. It is likewise a celebration for intellectual property rights that have aided in giving the proper direction and force that pave the way for the continuous enhancement of social, economic, and cultural development. This puts emphasis that the human creative skills have guided us to modern technologies like the internet which started from cave wall drawings and the printing press in the past.

Intellectual property rights gave us existing innovations that allowed footballers to shoot from extreme distances, pole vaulters to climb higher, and provided millions with better standards of living just to account a few; which would have been only desired or are unattainable a few decades back.

And so, WIPO is dedicated in utilizing intellectual property rights as a way of propagating and connecting the potency of human innovation and creativity so each citizen of every country can benefit from them. Thus, on April 26, as we celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day, Kamil Idris highlights that we not only pay homage to all artists and inventors but we likewise remember the significance of their intellectual property rights.

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