Securus Technologies Uses the Wireless Containment System to Enhance Safety

The current security issues revolve around crime with robbery and murder topping the list. As such, organizations, researchers and technologists have come together to provide solutions to solve this menace. Securus Technologies is one organization that is currently working with Robert Johnson and other experts in the field of technology to enhance safety in the community. Here is a narration of Robert Johnson’s journey experience and contribution to safety enhancement.


Background Information


Johnson is a former corrections officer who worked at Lee Correctional Institution. He is well versed in how technology can save dull and life-threatening situations. He has been telling his story to encourage victims and other corrections department to participate in community safety.


Johnson’s Backstory


Seven years ago, Robert Johnson was attacked by an armed assailant. Like any typical working day, he was getting ready for work. At 5 A.M., he heard a loud, disturbing bang on his door. A forceful entry into his house followed that. Because his wife was asleep, he requested the intruder to walk into his hallway. Johnson did not want to wake his wife up. Well, his assailant had a gun. Consequently, he was shot on the chest. Robert nursed severe damages that required corrective surgeries.


Johnson’s Ordeal


Lying on his bed unconsciously, Robert Johnson was left in the hands of a life support machine. His wife was asked to prepare for his funeral as there were no survival chances for him. With the corrective surgeries done on time, Robert Johnson recuperated. From that moment on, he worked hard to ensure that his life was dedicated to enhancing community safety.

Johnson Works with Securus Technologies

Robert Johnson is now working with Securus Technologies to make sure that security in corrections facilities and the public is pushed a notch higher. Every two weeks, the company comes up with a software or technology that promotes safety by preventing crime. Lately, the Wireless Containment System is the gadget that Securus Technologies is using to prevent crime.


Additional Information


The Wireless Containment System is an advanced technology that monitors all phone calls going into and out of the correctional facilities. To make sure that the contents of the phone calls are sieved, a secure network system is utilized. So far, Securus Technologies has managed to arrest gangs that participate in illegal activities. From drugs, weapons and calls to organize crime, Securus Technologies has managed to arrest offenders.



Besides, Securus Technologies has involved experts in its battle against crime. It is evident that with the likes of Johnson in the vicinity, safety measures will be taken a notch higher. That is why for decades, Securus Technologies has dedicated time and resources to finding the right solutions to solve crimes.