Susan McGalla Inspiring Young Women to Become Successful in Competitive Corporate Sector

One of the most popular and successful female entrepreneur and executive in the United States currently is Susan McGalla. As the Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers, she has helped the company in devising some unique and innovative business strategies to help propel the company towards growth and enhanced market reputation in the past few years. Susan McGalla has considerable experience in the business and management sector and has worked with numerous companies over the years, which has contributed to her experience and expertise in business. Susan McGalla is popularly known for heading Wet Seals Inc and American Eagle Outfitters Inc as well in the capacity of CEO and Chairman respectively.

Susan McGalla is often featured in many popular magazines and TV channels due to her success and popularity among young and ambitious women, who are looking forward to a similarly successful career. As a woman who as found success in the male-dominated business community, she continues to inspire and share her experiences with other female aspirants who are heading in the same direction she headed years back. Susan McGalla in a recent interview talked about what the women today must focus upon to achieve success in the corporate world. The first tip she gave to the women of today is to focus on their studies and complete education with good grades. Susan McGalla also asked women to go for higher studies as she said that it is education that would help make way for more prominent designations in the corporate world.

Susan McGalla said that education is essential, but getting a quality education from famous universities is expensive. It is, for this reason, she asked the female aspirants to manage their finance from early on so that they are in a position to support their education financially later on without any hiccups. Susan McGalla said that without educational degrees, no one could be entertained in the corporate world, until and unless they are entrepreneurs themselves or have some exceptional skills. She also asked women to be diplomatic in the workplace and have a support group of colleagues and friends at the workplace to get through the rough tides that are bound to come on the road to success.