Adam Milstein Takes To JNS To Warn Of Right & Left With Alliance Islam

The American and Israeli business man, Adam Milstein is perhaps best known as a generous philanthropist who has contributed numerous donations to the Israeli and Jewish-American community through the Milstein Foundation, a charity group which he founded in conjunction with his wife, Gila. However, Adam Milstein is also highly politically active and well abreast of current affairs and historical contingencies; as such, he has recently taken up a highly controversial issue in a article for entitled, Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism world-wide. In the article, Adam Milstein lays out often decried connection between anti-Jewish sentiments and the far right, yet he goes further and also notes that there is a long tradition of anti-Jewish and intensely (and strangely) pro Sharia Law amongst some members of the radical Left as well.

For example, he cites the curious case of Linda Sarsour, a political activist and one of the chief organizers of the DC Woman’s March; Sarsour is also a radical feminist and a muslim who advocates explicitly for Sharia Law and has declared jihad against US president, Donald J. Trump. Adam Milstein further adds that, though the ideas held by Sarsour would be objectionable enough alone, but are further compounded by the fact that she is widely embraced by radical left inter-sectional feminists despite her dogmatic and clearly anti-feminist religious conservatism. He also notes the Iranian Revolution and the overthrow of the moderate shah by leftists working with Muslim radicals as another historical precedent for this strange alliance.

Milstein believes that one of the principal outlets for growth of the kind of anti-Jewish leftism peddled by Sarsour and her acolytes is largely a product of the University System as well as historical circumstances. As a consequence, Mr. Milstein believes that this is a grave threat to, not just the broader Jewish community in America and Israel, but also to the future of Jewish people as a whole all over the world.