Lawrence Bender Is Movie Producer Extraordinaire

Until today, I had been completely unaware that Lawrence Bender was involved in some of my favorite movies. I have always related to the main character in Good Will Hunting, it is one of the few movies I can watch over and over. I’m also a big fan of Quentin Tarantino, and Lawrence Bender has produced several of his best movies.

Next to Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction is a cult classic film as well and, for me, was ahead of its time in terms of the use of timelines. Overall, the action scenes and storylines were powerfully executed in these movies.

Quentin Tarantino especially has a flare for bold storytelling, and Lawrence Bender has been involved with Tarantino movies since Reservoir Dogs in 1992. He is also a documentarian – Bender won an Academy Award for An Inconvenient Truth, a film intended to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change. Good Will Hunting and Pulp Fiction were both nominated for Academy Awards.

Another pleasant surprise about this producer is that, in addition to producing iconic movies, he is also a philanthropist and an environmentalist. Bender has a very diverse background. He graduated from the University of Maine in 1979 with a degree in civil engineering and Lawrence Bender is currently the Dean of Harvard’s JFK School of Government.

This man truly walks the walk, and is even the director of CleanSource Power, LLC, a company focused on clean energy. Their Crunchbase division operates solar panels. Lawrence has been on the cutting edge of environmental activism since going after the SUV industry in 2003. He is one of the founders of the environmental group, Detroit Project.