Meet Sheldon Lavin The Man Behind The Successful OSI Group.

After a successful career as a banker, Sheldon Lavin joined the meat industry in 1970. He organized financing for the then Otto and Sons which was later to become OSI Group. Due to his efforts to attract investment, he was appointed as a partner. Herein began his journey in becoming one of the best if not the best business leaders in the world.

Sheldon has since steered OSI Group with operations in over 16 countries to venture into poultry business away from its more traditional beef business. This proved to be an extremely good move since the demand for chicken all over the world was growing at a very fast rate. Coupled with this, Sheldon led the OSI Group in acquiring, purchasing and getting into joint ventures with other companies strategically placed to expand and grow the business. Due to this strategic planning and visionary leadership of the OSI Group, Sheldon has won several international awards including the Global Visionary Award.

As the Chairman and CEO of the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has converted a family business into an international supplier of food products with branches in all the continents of the world and gained 100% voting control of the firm. With a family oriented personnel management style, Sheldon Lavin can boast of very little staff turnover.

He does not only focus on food production, but emphasis green practices and sustainability while at it. The OSI Group has won the Globe of Honour Award for its creativity in minimizing environmental pollution.

The 85 years old is not only about making money and expanding businesses, he is involved in several philanthropic activities by donating to worthy causes. He mainly gives towards charities for sick children, contributes towards college funds for needy students, giving towards chronic illnesses and several Jewish organizations. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

All these attributes make him not only a successful businessman but a successful human being. His all-around attributes have made it possible to have more than 20,000 employees with a uniform and cohesive culture all around the world. This shows the uniqueness of management and employee relationship.

For most people, these achievements would be enough to retire on, however, Mr. Sheldon Lavin is not thinking of retiring but conquering more ground and overcoming more challenges especially concerning the reduction of environmental impact, promoting a sustainable supply chain and contributing towards the well-being of individuals around the world both the rich and the underprivileged.

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