A Question And Answer Session With Karl Heideck About The Education Process On Becoming A Litigator

Q&A Session With Karl Heideck
Q&A Session With Karl Heideck

A litigator is a trial lawyer. He or she negotiates different disputes that go to court. Some cases take a while to get a fair hearing. This is why a litigator is often times required to make some noise.

A litigator can either specialize in a specific area of law or do general work. They can work for themselves. They can also work for specific firms and/or government agencies. The life of a litigator can be very trying and stressful at times. This is why it is very important that those looking to specialize in this area are 100% sure. You need to be committed to the process and the work.

We asked Karl Heideck for some of his input on the subject matter.

“It is a tough road to take. You really have to be sure you want to do this for a living. I was sure from day one. Not everyone is like that. It does take a lot out of you. It is going to test you. It is rewarding work, especially when you get to be a champion for the underdog”.

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We asked Karl Heideck about the education process to become a litigator.

“You must have a BA degree in law. There is no way around it. You have to take the LSAT. This is a test you take to get into law school. It is approved by the ABA (American Bar Association) and everyone has to take it. You should earn a J.D. degree. This is the Juris Doctor. The last step is to pass the bar. As long as you pass the bar you are good. Do not worry about passing it on your first time around. I did not. It took me a few times. It becomes a character-building experience in a way”.

The last thing we asked Karl Heideck about was the job experience. Is it necessary while you are in school?

“Yes. The more experience you have during school, the more likely someone will hire you on after college and law school. Try to get experience while you are studying for your B.A. Those who cannot do this should try for something during grad school. The sooner the better. You have to be both book-smart and street-smart to be successful as a litigator. Everyone does entry-level work to start out. Start out slow and you will get there”.

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