The 2010 decision of the US’s Supreme Court on the federal election vs. the citizens united shocked the political system of America. The long-term impacts of the decision continue to develop while the opposition of the ruling of the court remains unabated. In each generation, there are several handful court cases that change the political basis on which the nation stands. The court rulings brought a lot of controversies as well as consequences that resulted in the permanent changes to the political culture of America. Various political organizations have sought to stop the immediate political effects of the ruling of the Citizens United while attempting to look for a legal way to overturn the ruling. On March 2015, the End Citizens United was established in order to help lead the fight.

The top priority of the End Citizen United was to put an end to the ruling of the Citizen United. However, the team that established the organization has not been shy of the goals of the organization. The End Citizens United seeks to lure for grassroots funding aimed at counterbalancing the unleashed corporate cash of the Citizens United. The funding is to be aimed at the Democratic candidates who support the attempts to scrap the implications of the decision of the Supreme Court.

Another aim of the End Citizen United is to have a constitutional amendment that clearly outlines that the rights of free speech are conferred upon the individual citizens and not legal entities such as corporations. The basic belief is that the operations of the business should not be permitted to act without any prior regulation in respect to the spending of the campaigns of the democratic elections. Bearing in mind that the constitutional amendment requires at least two-thirds majority of both houses, the organization is concentrating on the short-term finance laws of the campaign.

The End Citizens United stresses on a two-step process that involves supporting candidates that are deemed to support the move to improve the finance laws on the campaign and performing various efforts to overturn the ruling of the Citizens United. Currently, the Republican Party leadership does not support the attempts however some sections of the individual republicans support the move. As a result, the End Citizens United is putting all its efforts in supporting the democratic candidates. On the other hand, the leadership team of the organization is composed of experienced and savvy individuals that have worked in various capacities in the democratic party.

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