The Intrigue of Lime Crime

For fans of the animal cruelty-free beauty brand Lime Crime, there has been much speculation as to whether the fashion-forward cosmetic company, famous for their intensely pigmented, rich shades of color that have won accolades from clients, is coming out with a new palette of eyeshadows. Aficionados of Lime Crime love the brand’s palettes for Venus, Venus II, and Venus XL and the internet is going crazy wondering if the newest offering, which Lime Crime debuts on April 24, 2018, is another Venus palette.

Lime Crime has been dropping hints, with screenshots depicting a palette that is bathed in rays of heavenly light. For people of all sexes, the idea of a new Lime Crime product, especially one of the Venus eyeshadow palettes that allow individuals access to many different looks and contouring possibilities, has people eagerly hoping for more beautiful colors to work with to create unique and highly individualistic looks.

People who have tried the other Venus palettes love the ease of using a palette, the choice of colors, and the animal cruelty-free philosophy. They are also avidly enthusiastic about the texture of the eyeshadows, with terms like “silky” and “smooth” sung as praise, as well as Lime Crime’s commitment to crafting long-lasting cosmetics. Lime Crime knows that their customers are creatives who love to have fun with their looks, but that they are also super busy and appreciate staying power!

Be ready to explore the newest offering because while we all love a great beauty mystery, there is nothing like the satisfaction of curiosity being richly rewarded. That said, word on the street and the internet has Lime Crime lovers opining that they hope that the new product is Venus 3. The original Venus, Venus 2 and Venus XL have people who are devoted to those palettes. Fashion fans are eager to see what Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, is offering in new cosmetics to create and complete unique beauty looks. As the mystery is revealed, discover for yourself what bold and amazing Lime Crime color collection awaits your delight.