The Trabuco: Almost Forgotten Deadly Weapon

Trabuco is one of the weapons that were used during the primordial wars. The weapons were widely used together with the most common ones like the arrows, swords, and bows. In the years of its application, the Trabuco was a deadly weapon, and it was very useful for mass destruction. In as much as the weapon is not currently used, the means of its application has been an inspiration to the construction of the current weapons of warfare. The operation principles have been borrowed, and the efficiency of its work is still getting an application in the design of the modern weapons.

The vast use in the primordial wars
During the error of territorial fights, nations were rising against others. Expanding the territories was cherished as a show of strength. In such times, the application of Trabuco was extensive. Since the weapons could not be used to destroy an individual, it was reserved for the special moments when troops could come in solidarity. The primordial wars made good use of the large stones. The accuracy and strength of the weapon could not be ignored. When an enemy could attack the opponents, the Trabuco was used to kill people in masses and to bring down the strong walls of different buildings. At certain times, the enemies could use human or animals heads as the shots to be fired using the weapon. Currently, trabuco weapon is widely shown in the movies where old pictures are to be shown.

How the weapon was operated
The operation of Trabuco was not an easy task according to It took the effort of several strong men depending on the weight to be carried. The weapon was to be mounted on a rock, or some heavy weight stuck on the ground. On the opposite end of the weight was an arm to be pulled by the operators. The heavier the weights, the more the force which was required on the opposite arm.

Depending on the population which was to be killed, the weights used had varied sizes. The most common bullets used were huge stones based on Certain times, the weapon was used to shoot heads that were chopped during the war to send the opponents a message.

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