The Victorious Path of the Former UTC CEO Louis Chenevert

The former CEO of the united technologies and a successful Canadian businessman is none other than the Louis Chenevert. United Technologies Corporation is an American multinational conglomerate which manufactures the technology products. They do the high-end research and developments to manufacture high-quality products. So, when we focus on the path of the successful CEO he has started his journey as a Production General Manager at a General Motors and he spent almost 14 years at General Motors. He also played a role as the president at Pratt & Whitney in 1993 and it was after six years of his service. And then, in 2006 March he became the chairman of the company which does huge technological things i.e. UTC. He was the Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Business Council during 2011-2012. So, in 2008 April he became the Chief Executive Office of UTC and it was the light of his life. Not only the role of a CEO, at Goldman Sachs had he also played the role of an Exclusive Advisor. His advice was targeted on the opportunities of aerospace and industrial sectors. Read more at

He played an amazing role as the CEO of UTC also his standard services were unattainable by the other CEOs of the UTC. Chenevert has achieved many feats which leaves everyone in wonder. He had the highest share of the company’s success because he was highly concerned about the company success. He ensured to provide excellent services to the company so he was named as the most efficient CEO. The UTC gained the global recognition because of the extraordinary leadership provided by Louis Chenevert. He has developed the company’s success by creating strategic plans all because of hard work, patience, courage, and discipline.

If we consider his accomplishments the pet project can be named as the best. His project was selected as the Airbus established Pratt & Whitney in the engine market. In 2011 his project was named as the great accomplishment of the year. He also understood if the engines need to become hotter the advanced material should be developed. The concept of decoupling the fan is an income generating idea for the U.S. economy until today, so this idea has never been outdated. Chenevert clearly understood that if newer design engines are introduced the payoff will be immense and yes, it was true. The UTC’s growth parachuted with his marvelous idea. Read more about Louis at

Technology is Beneficial for the Future

Louis Chenevert believed that investing in technology can improve the future success of the business. Even the current CEO, Gregory Hayes believes on the above statement. An effective CEO is someone like Louis Chenevert because he was focused on the company’s growth and to improve it better than how it was. As he his commitment to the company was at the maximum level he had been considered as one of the efficient CEOs although he ended his journey of UTC on 2014 December after serving for almost 6 years. His resignation is one of the most baffling incidents to the company.