This Man Gregory Aziz, the Force behind National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the man at the helm of National Steel Car, the North America’s leading railroad and tank car manufacturer. The company has been in the business sphere for over 100 years. Mr. Greg Aziz has been on the steering wheel, propelling it on the foundation of excellence in the world of engineering and manufacturing.

Who is Greg James Aziz? One may ask. Well, James Aziz is the man who believes in the power of the people. He believes that if that when a people are inspired, they can do great things including instilling trust in what they do and in what they offer to customers. This great trust and hope in people has been the cornerstone of National Steel Car making it more dynamic, diverse, value-driven and innovative than ever before.

Life is about challenges and motivation lies in people having the power to constantly challenge them. Greg J Aziz believes in people’s constant challenging of themselves with the persistent rising of the bar of quality and perfection. To make a business last for more than a century, a sense of purpose and trust is key. Such a business need to be founded on strong values and always bringing out the best in others with the results being clearly stretched through the products and services of the company. This is the power behind Greg James Aziz as he helps maintain National Steel Car at the top of railroad freight and tank car manufacturing.

One who keeps on celebrating past successes ends up failing to see what the future holds. James Aziz does not dwell in the past. He acknowledges past achievements but he is always relentlessly focused on the pursuit of excellence. National Steel Car knows too well that a customer is a real reason why any business exists. To them, the voice of the customer always comes before anything else. This is achieved through having a sense of purpose and Greg Aziz has been instrumental in making sure that this sense of purpose is realized among those who work for National Steel Car.

James Aziz is credited for having led National Steel Car to be known and trusted by most of its customers as the builders of the highest quality rail cars with a consistent high on-time delivery. Gregory James Aziz thrives only on one principle: perfection. This is what has managed to keep National Steel Car ahead of others for more than 100 years.