Understanding about “Spread Betting” in Football Sports Betting

When a team is much stronger compared to its opponent, then more people will be inclined to bet for the team to win if the choice is simply a win/lose. This usually proves to be a huge problem for the sports books as they depend on a huge chunk of the money from the losing bets to settle the money won by winners. When most people place a lot of bets on a single team, sports books stare at making big losses. In order to make things even, a “spread bet” is usually offered where the victory margin determines the bet winners.

Sports books usually propose a “line” that will suggest a minimum virgin victory for the team that is considered favorite to win. This is usually the team that the highest number of people believe it will win. This is what is referred to as the spread. When the favorite team wins and surpasses the minimum victory margin, it is considered to have “covered the spread” and those who had placed bets on such an outcome get to win their money. It is also possible for those who place their bets on the team considered as the underdog to win in two major ways.  They will also win if the underdog team loses and the victory margin remains less than the spread. It is important to note that covering the spread is only necessary for the favorite team but not the underdog.

This is not good news to a sports book and they make this impossible by including a spread that has a fraction. This fraction is commonly known as “the hook”. The spreads appear just after the name of the teams and a negative number represents the favorite team while a positive number shows the underdog. An example is “RAIDERS +13.5” which means the Raiders are the 13.5 point underdogs. If the favorite team wins by 14 points then those betting on the underdog would lose the bet and those for the other team would win the money. If Oakland Raiders lose by 13 points or less then those betting on it would win. Covers.com remains your most trusted betting site due to its great Football odds, NFL odds and Super Bowl odds. Check out Covers.com to get the best news on sports betting and the best format to use to place your bets.

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