Upcoming Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Jason Hope Funds Non-Profit That Seeks To Cure the Aging Process

Arizona Philanthropist and entrepreneur, Jason Hope, helps leading nonprofit organization to fight the world’s worst inevitable– aging. Aging can cause quite a burden and not just on the individual. The individual who ages becomes more susceptible to diseases, illnesses, and other bodily problems like weakened bones and immune systems. Eventually unable to take care of themselves, many family members and children take it upon themselves to provide care for their aging family members or friends. This can result in financial burden, stress, and worsened home matters on those that take on the act of caring for an elderly loved one.

Jason Hope has embraced another approach to the cure of “age”. Hope seeks to aid in reversing the aging process by donating his own funds to research conducted by non-profit organizations that will transform the way healthcare organizations combat and treat the effects of the inevitable aging process. Jason Hope has supported the charitable organization, known as the SENS Research Foundation, for over five years. Jason Hope first began funding this groundbreaking organization when he donated $500,000 of his funds in December of 2010. SENS strives to aid the public to obtain accessible technology that can counteract aging and prevent the illnesses and symptoms that come along with it. Jason Hope announced his first contribution to the SENS Research Foundation at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts during an event called Breakthrough Philanthropy.

SENS Research Foundation was founded in March of 2009 and since continues to invest heavily in research programs designed to reverse the effects and learn more about the aging process. This research will not only medically aid the aging process, but SENS also hopes to change the public’s view of aging in order to encourage individuals to become interested in the curing technology.

The SENS foundation has pioneered what they call the “SENS Approach,” which includes a medical procedure to repair living cells and other materials within elderly patients’ bodies in hopes to prevent the effects of aging and its symptoms. By stopping the process at its source, this treatment differs from the rest of the medical treatments in the healthcare community because it not only seeks to treat these illnesses, but prevent them altogether. The SENS Foundation also focuses on seeking outreach to politicians, influencers, volunteers and donors through active events, conferences, and fundraising to raise proper awareness about the importance of their medical research work.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope