Vijay Eswaran identifies Servant Leadership by Willingness to Sacrifice

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Vijay Eswaran identify servant leadership by the attributes demonstrated by the willingness of the leader to sacrifice for the greater good of others. Mr. Eswaran is an inspirational, motivational speaker and economist with intellectual aptitude harnessed from an extremely successful business career. He is also the founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies withholding interest in hospitality, education, direct selling, real estate, and retail in 30 countries. With vast knowledge in business and leadership forged over decades as an entrepreneur and businessman, Vijay Eswaran brings a high-level perspective on the qualities of great leaders. In fact, he maintains that servant leadership is the greatest form of leadership and can be categorized by the willingness of the leader to sacrifice his or her personal ambitions or well-being for the greater good of others.

The sacrifice exhibited by a servant leader inspires a sense of admiration in the people following the leader. With the admiration, comes a motivation to give selflessly as well as the followers for the fulfillment of the cause or objective. Furthermore, some of the greatest of leaders historically have been servant leaders that were willing to sacrifice everything, including their very lives in some cases, for the greater good. A few names that come to mine who demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice was Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr. Those leaders sacrificed on a level that made them legends of their times. Also, Vijay Eswaran asserts the ability to accomplish the loftiest of achievements requires the most selfless sacrifice from someone and the greatest servant leaders will make the necessary sacrifice without hesitation or fear of the outcome. The successful businessman and motivational speaker, Vijay Eswaran has given the criteria needed to identify the servant leaders by their willingness to sacrifice unselfishly.