Why Everybody Loves Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is the cross between being a guys-guy and a woman’s best confidant. He knows how to talk about women’s fashion and hairstyles and then talk about sports with a man in the very next conversation. He also knows how to treat people with southern hospitality.

Ryan’s southern charm comes from being born and raised in Dunwoody, Georgia. His mom, Connie, is very present in his life and often a regular caller during his KIIS FM morning radio show or during the “Live With Kelly and Ryan” morning television show. As a child, Ryan had a heavyset body and would sneak snacks like cookies and nachos when his mom wasn’t looking. Today, Ryan chooses to stay fit and has established a regular workout regime that is typically five hours a week.

Ryan says on Forbes that having the benefit of a workout trainer does help to keep him motivated; however, he keeps his workouts scheduled just like meetings. Although he still indulges in the foods that his mom would warn against, such as a sixteen-inch pizza for one, Ryan’s morning meal for the last ten years of an egg-white omelet, no butter or oil, surely meets with her approval.

A typical weekly workout session for Ryan includes either working out in the gym, a running session, yoga, or sometimes biking. As a runner, he is much better with endurance than as a sprinter. Ryan also enjoys swimming. In his downtime, while at home, Ryan will play several games of ping-pong to relax.

Ryan, who recently launched his own menswear called Distinction, has hosted American Idol since it aired in 2002. The reality show was just picked up for a second year as a “reboot,” by ABC. He is also the host of the Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve program.

Throughout his busy life and multiple hosting duties, Ryan still found time to start the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF). The mission of RSF is to help young people have a life that is uplifting, as they undergo treatment for life-threatening illnesses. The RSF has multimedia centers in hospitals around the country that gives children a chance to experience broadcasting and programming in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

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